Sabtu, Februari 28, 2009

PR dari Bulan

La.. La.. La..

-do you like music?
yes lah
-what are your genre?
all except DANGDUT, and 4L@y indonesian band (like k4n93n, sT 12, 9aRnet etc..)
-do you like jazz?
-do you play music? what is it?
yes. pianika too
-do you like reggae?
not too like
-do you like pure rock?
sometimes yes, sometimes not
-what are your alternative rock band?
-if you like jazz or rock, what band/singer are you (at least 2)?
mmmmm....dunno..sorry i can't answer this, i prefer pop
-do you have a band?
-do you know soul genre? do you like it?
i dunno
-do you classic or electronic? why?
classic, because it's relaxing and i like it since i was a child..
-pop or country?
-country or electonic?
-do you like r&b?
yes i do
-what band/singer are you on r&b and pop?(if you dont like dont answer)
r&b: ummmmm......not to know about genre
pop: too many to say
-Funk or folk?
what's the meaning of it?? hahahahaha
-what band/singer are you on funk or folk? (choose 1)
- the last, if you are a musician, what would you wanna be?
myself?? huh?

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