Jumat, Mei 15, 2009

The Mission 6 (episode 4) : End Of Journey??

Kali ini postingannya in English yaaa....if my grammar is wrong please tell me, and i'll fix it soon :)

After playing Restaurant City and listening some music, i decided to go upstairs and meet C. I saw C is playing Mafia Wars, didn't chat wih T. Well, the internet connection was slow and couldn't connect to Facebook Chat. And i saw D, her son, was watching "The Master" on RCTI. First, I asked her,

"Do you love your boyfriend, or your "pulsa" ( i don't know what is "pulsa" in English ) ????
"Of course i love my "pulsa!!! Because if i send T a message, the cost will be expensive...". she answered.
"Do you love T, "pulsa, or R???", i asked her again.
"R and T just for friends laahhh", she answered.

After that, I asked her seriously,
"Why do you want to be T's friends only?".
"Because i'm bored. I want just be friends with him, and looking for more native boy....that will be my boy ", she answered.
"First, when i knew T, and chat with T, it's really fun. But, now, it's make me bored. Because of that, i just want to be his friends. And i'll search for another boy."
"Okay, C. I want to go downstairs..i want to plat Restaurant City again, and i want to eat your skin!! hahahahahahhahahah"
"AUWWW!!! hahahaha"

Then i went downstairs, playing Restaurant City again, and post this blog of course :).

This is the End Of Journey of C and T. Relatinoship between them is over. They decided to just be friend. No more love, love, and love. Only friendship. Although they're break up, This Mission still running yet, haha. Maybe C find someone to share her life, and she will be happy because of "him". And i want this mission be successful, and can't wait for the next mission that will be more terrifying, fantastic, bombastic, spectacular, famous, only in Bukan Berita Bukan Empat Mataaaaaa!!! Oops, THE MISSION!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

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