Senin, Maret 14, 2011

Pelesetan Judul Film

Ya, ini dicopas dari @OrangDewasa. Sumpah ngakak parah bacanya.

  1. Dragon's Ball (Dragon Ball)
  2. Black Cock Down! (Black Hawk Down)
  3. Cum in 60 Seconds (Gone in 60 Seconds)
  4. Eat, Pray Making Love (Eat, Pray, Love)
  5. Clitanic (Titanic)
  6. No G-strings Attached (No Strings Attached)
  7. Dr. Do-Me-a-Little (Dr. Dolittle)
  8. Inspect Her Gadget (Inpsector Gadget)
  9. (500) Days of Cummer ((500) Days of Summer)
  10. The Bondage Ultimatum (The Bourne Ultimatum)
  11. Mengejar Lubang Matahari  (Mengejar Matahari)
  12. Jurrasic Park: The Lost Whore (Jurrasic Park: The Lost World)  
  13. Beauty and The Breast (Beauty and The Beast)
  14. Hole Alone (Home Alone) 
  15. Sex Up 3D(Step Up 3D)     
  16. Pirates Of Lesbians (Pirates Of Caribbeans)
  17. The Girl Next Dick (The Girl Next Door)  
  18. Whore-E (Wall-E)
  19. Bitchy Rich (Richy Rich)
  20. Race to Bitch Mountain (Race to Witch Mountain)
  21. Forrest Cum (Forrest Gump)
  22. Zakar Pelangi (Laskar Pelangi)
  23. Hand N Cock (Hancock)
  24. A Cock to Remember (A Walk to Remember)
  25. Green Whore-net (Green Hornet) 
  26. Iron Mens (Iron Man)
  27. Stuart's Nipple (Stuart Little)
  28. The Threesome Kingdom (The Three Kingdom)
  29. Seks 3D (Shrek 3D)
  30. Breast War (Brides War) 
  31. Alat-Alat Bercinta (Ayat-Ayat Cinta)
  32. Orgylla (Godzilla)
  33. Sex Toys Story (Toys Story)
  34. Nipple Rascals (Little Rascals) 
  35. The Legend Of Gang-Bang (The Legend Of Aang)
  36. Art of Whore (Art of War)
  37. Ketika Tasbih Bercinta (Ketika Cinta Bertasbih)
  38. The Flirt-stones (The Flintstones)
  39. The Social Netwhore (The Social Network)
  40. Rumah Selaput Dara (Rumah Dara)
  41. When Hairy Met Salty (When Harry Met Sally)
  42. The Whore of The World (The Way of The World)
  43. Sex Fighter (Street Fighter)
  44. BangCOCK Dangerous (Bangkok Dangerous)
  45. Drag Me To Hole (Drag Me To Hell)
  46. Sexpendables (Expendables)    
  47. Boobwire (Barbwire)
  48. Constantits (Constantine)
  49. Testicable Me (Despicable Me)
  50. How I Melt Your Mother (How I Meet Your Mother)        
  51. The Klitoris (The Tourist)   
  52. The Dick After Tomorrow (The Day After Tommorow)
  53. Wank : High Voltage (Crank : High Voltage)
  54.  Dragon Boob (Dragon Ball)
  55. Cum and Cucumber (Dumb and Dumberer)
  56. KingCOCK (Kingkong)
  57. Fuck Club (Fight Club)
  58. Bad Balls (Bad Boys)
  59. Tom and Hairy (Tom and Jerry)
  60. 8 Milfs (8 Mile) 
  61. Contraception (Inception)  
  62. Save The Last Cum For Me (Save The Last Dance For Me)
  63. Boobsday (Doomsday)
  64. Petualangan Seks Ria (Petualangan Sherina) 
  65. Mortal Cum-a-lot-in-bed (Mortal Combat) 
  66. The Clits (The Click) 
  67. Pelihara 34D (Piranha 3D) 
  68. Alice In WonderBra (Alice In Wonderland)
  69. Spank Bob Scare Pants  (Spongebob Squarepants)
  70. National Threesome (National Treasure)
  71. The Ass As Sins (The Assasins)
  72. Sex in The CK (Sex and The City)
  73. Arman-get-in-on (Armageddon)
  74. Definitely, Miyabi (Definitely, Maybe)
  75. The Bang of Brothers (The Band of Brothers)
  76. You've Got Male (You've Got Mail)  
  77. They AreVibrator (The Aviator)
  78. Whore Street : Money to Sleep (Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps)
  79. Dude Where's My Cunt (Dude Where's My Car)         
  80. Vagina Sky (Vanilla Sky)
  81. The Gang Bang Theory (The Big Bang Theory)
  82. Pubic Enemies (Public Enemies)   
  83. G 30 PSKI (G 30 SPKI) 
  84. Final Masturbation (Final Destination) 
  85. The Penis-her (The Punisher) 
  86. Ohh Yes Man (Yes Man)
  87. Fantastic Foreplay (Fantastic Four)  
  88. ALIEN vs VIBRATOR (Alien vs Predator)
  89. Penetration Activity (Paranormal Activity) 
  90. Nipple I'm In Love (Eiffel I'm In Love)
  91. Bring Tits On (Bring It On)
  92. Fast and Delicious (Fast and Furious) 
  93. Paysex (Paycheck)
  94. The Hole is not Enough (The World is not Enough)     
  95. The Boobs Fairy (The Tooth Fairy)
  96. The King's Squirt (King's Speech) 
  97. Kuch Kuch Hot Mom (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)
  98. Catch Me If You Cum (Catch Me If You Can)
  99. Harry Impotent and the Deadly Hole (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)
  100. Fuck Help Sin (Van Helsing)
  101. Hole I Win (Halloween)  
  102. Mr. Bean's Dolly Day (Mr. Bean's Holiday)
  103. The Orgy Truth (The Ugly Truth)
  104. Wild Wild Breast (Wild Wild West)
  105. I Am Lekong (I Am Legend)
  106. Hores (Heroes)
  107. Cabul Kan? (Ca Bau Kan)
  108. Cradle to the Breast (Cradle to the Brave)
  109. Petting Woman (Pretty Woman)
  110. This Is Tits (This Is It)    
  111. My Pussy Girl (My Sassy Girl) 
  112. Tsunat Me (Tsunami)
  113. Her-Lock Holes (Sherlock Holmes)
  114. The Incredible Holes (The Incredible Hulk) 
  115. Mr. and Mrs. Tits (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
  116. Wet Time Stories (Bedtime Stories) 
  117. Lil' Whore and Tits (Lilo and Stitch)
  118. Fatal Penetration (Fatal Attraction)
  119. 7 Years Sex in Bed (7 Years in Tibet)  
  120. Devil Wears Viagra (Devil Wears Prada)
Hadeeeh ternyata udah 120 judul aja. Sumpah ini tweeps yang bikin judulnya pada super-duper kreatif!!! Lanjutkaaannn!!! :) 

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Ikmalia Anindita mengatakan...

lol... bisa aja sih bikin beginian

Laras mengatakan...

iya sih kreatif, tp ada jg beberapa yg jayus :P

Todi saja mengatakan...

hmm..menjurus semua plesetanya..hehehe

Laras mengatakan...

namanya jg plesetan....