Selasa, Maret 15, 2011


Now I want to try to make a post in English (but the title of the post still in Indonesian :P ). Sorry visitors for not visit back your blog. Because I'm in school exam week, from 16th March till 23rd March.

30 minutes ago, my friend chatted me and asked my blog address. So I gave this blog's address. Then he saw and said it's good. Then I checked this blog again, and I felt that this blog's view is too childish, not "match" with a 15-going-to-16 years old girl like me.

So I decided to change the layout when I graduate from SHS. And I don't know what will it be looks like :) .

2 komentar:

i-one mengatakan...

wah,moga-moga cita2nya terkabul deh.amin.salam kenal,klu ada waktu kunjungi blog ane ya

Laras mengatakan...

amiiin, iya salam kenal juga, ane visit deh blog ente :)