Minggu, Mei 01, 2011


Copas dari notes FB seseorang, dengan sedikit pengubahan


I pray for a man, that will be a part of my life. A man that really loves You more than everything. A man that will take me in the second place of his heart and You as first. A man that lives for You, not for himself. A man with a heart that really loves You and thirst for You and has a desire to be like You

He must know for whom and for what he lives, so his life won't be useless. Someone that has wise heart not only a smart brain. A man that not only loves me but also respects me. A man that not only adores me but warns me when I'm wrong. A man that loves me not only from my beauty but from my heart. A man that can be my best friend in every time and situation. A man that makes me feel beautiful when I'm beside him

I do not ask for a perfect man but I ask for imperfect one, so together, You make us complete and perfect in Your eyes

A man that needs my support for his strength. A man that needs my prayer for his life. A man that needs my smile to ease his sadness. A man that needs my love so he could feel loved. A man that needs me to make his life complete

And I pray, make me a woman to make him proud. Give me a heart that really loves YOU so I could love him with Your love, not with mine, 'cause mine is limited.

Give me Your gentle spirit so my beauty comes not only from outside but comes from YOU. Give me Your heart that I will always be able to pray for him. Give me Your eyes so I could see many good things in him, not just the bad ones

Give me Your tongue that is filled with ur words of wisdom and encouragement so, I could support him everyday. Give me Your lips and I'll smile at him every morning. And I pray that when we're finally united both of us can say " How great Thou Art"

I know that You will make everything beautiful in Your time

In God's name.


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