Kamis, September 08, 2011


Hello all. I started to post in English again in this month. I really really feel bored today, because UI did not consistent about the Kamaba schedule. And I will write an e-mail to the Kamaba commitee to protest because of this policy (I'll tell you on the next paragraph) that harm many regular class students. As the seniors in OKK said, mahasiswa (students) must be agent of change hahahahahahaha.
In the schedule, explained that Program Cinta Kampus for regular class student would be held today at 7.00 am and the parallel, vocational and international class student would practice choir at the same time and place, in Balairung. When I read the schedule, I was so confused and wondered, how can both the events held if the schedule is on the same time and place. As I seen in Twitter and Chit-chat group in Facebook, some of students were still confused whether they will come to the campus on September 8th or 9th.

But, this morning, what happened is not as 'sweet' as we can imagine. I arrived at the Depok campus at 7.15 pm and the students were still queued for attendance. When I wanted to mark on the attendance list, my friend told me that the attendance list was only for international class students. And few minutes after that, the 'Menwa' announced that today there's no events for regular class student. All the students became so disappointed and didn't know what must they did. 

After that, I and all regular FKUI students decide to sell the badges for charity bazaar--as consequence for our 'not-serious' attention in PSAF, we got a.......not punishment but we must do something to prove that FKUI 2011 is a solid almamater. And after sold some badges to one of my friend's school I got home. 

Maybe this post is too long and I must go to bed now. See you next post!!!

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