Rabu, Februari 26, 2014

English Post

Actually it's been a very long time since my last English Post. Few months ago, I wrote something in English but I keep it in draft because its content is too frontal. And now, I'm trying to post in English even though my grammar isn't good. 

This Monday, I had my first summative exam in the special senses module. The materials for this summative was about eye, all lecture about eye and vision literally. It was kinda difficult but it was much easier than neuropsychiatry first summative which made me stressed out because the questions are 'crazy' and I didn't know some questions' answers at all *thank God I passed the module with good score which I didn't expect*. The next summative will be on next two weeks so I can relax for a while but I think I had too much relax so I must study ASAP. The materials will be about ENT (ear, nose, and thorax or throat, idk). Hopefully the scores for this module will be good or at least same with last semester which increase my GPA :p.

In this post, I just want to inform you that there's a site to check your writings' grammar. I found this when I wanted to text my native teacher yesterday. I was afraid to make a grammatical error so I checked it. The site is It's pretty good and I was happy with the result because there's no grammatical error haha. It's very useful for people who don't know how to use grammar in daily speaking or writing like me.

Anyway, there's another site to check your grammar that you can find on google but I just tried this one. Maybe this one is the last paragraph in this post because I want to download some mp3 and I will go to bed after this even tomorrow my laboratory practice will start at 10 but I feel sleepy now. Goodbye and see you next post :)

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